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This Canva Graphics Design Internship is a 12-week program designed to provide aspiring graphic designers with hands-on experience in creating visually appealing designs using the Canva platform. Participants will learn essential design principles, color theory, typography, and layout composition, and gain practical skills in designing marketing materials, social media assets, presentations, and user interfaces. Through real-world projects and collaboration with the design and marketing teams at Valucop Global, interns will develop their design abilities and create high-quality graphic assets for various marketing initiatives.

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn Canva Platform Proficiency: Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the Canva platform, its tools, and features to efficiently create visually engaging designs.
  2. Master Design Fundamentals: Grasp the principles of graphic design, including color theory, typography, and layout composition, to develop a strong foundation for creating aesthetically pleasing designs.
  3. Create Engaging Social Media Graphics: Design captivating social media graphics, banners, and posts using Canva, with a focus on driving user engagement and brand awareness.
  4. Design Marketing Materials: Develop marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters, aligning them with Valucop Global’s branding guidelines to support marketing campaigns effectively.
  5. Craft Compelling Presentations: Learn to design professional presentation decks for internal and external use, incorporating visual storytelling and persuasive elements.
  6. Explore User Interface (UI) Design: Gain insights into UI design principles and best practices for web and mobile platforms, enhancing user experience and usability.
  7. Collaborate with Clients and Teams: Develop effective communication and collaboration skills by working with clients and teams to understand design requirements and incorporate feedback into design iterations.
  8. Showcase Work through a Portfolio: Create a comprehensive portfolio showcasing the intern’s best works, demonstrating growth and proficiency in using Canva for graphic design.
  9. Present a Final Project: Work independently on a final design project, applying all learned skills, and present it to the design team, receiving constructive feedback and insights for improvement.
  10. Gain Professional Experience: Acquire practical experience in a professional design environment, enhancing problem-solving skills and adaptability to real-world design challenges.

By the end of the internship, participants will have developed a well-rounded skill set in Canva graphics design, gained practical experience through real projects, and built a portfolio showcasing their achievements and growth as a Canva Graphics Designer. This internship provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring designers to kickstart their careers and make a positive impact on Valucop Global’s marketing efforts through their creative contributions.

Week 1:

  • Introduction to Valucop Global’s branding guidelines and design standards.
  • Familiarization with the Canva platform and its features.
  • Assigned initial small design projects to practice and showcase skills.

Week 2:

  • Feedback and review of the initial design projects.
  • Introduction to design fundamentals, including color theory and typography.
  • Exploration of Canva’s design templates and customization options.

Week 3:

  • Attending workshops or webinars on graphic design principles and techniques.
  • Practice exercises on creating visually appealing designs using Canva.
  • Introduction to the marketing and design team members.

Week 4:

  • Review of design exercises and implementation of feedback.
  • Shadowing experienced designers during client meetings to understand design requirements.
  • Assisting in small design tasks for ongoing projects.

Week 5:

  • Focus on creating engaging social media graphics using Canva’s templates and elements.
  • Introduction to animation features in Canva for social media posts.
  • Working on real projects under the guidance of a mentor.

Week 6:

  • Feedback and review of social media graphics created in the previous week.
  • Introduction to marketing materials design, such as brochures and flyers.
  • Collaborating with the marketing team on ongoing campaigns.

Week 7:

  • Exploration of Canva’s animation feature to create eye-catching designs.
  • Designing animated social media posts or GIFs for specific marketing campaigns.
  • Learning about design techniques for enhancing user engagement.

Week 8:

  • Review and feedback on animated social media designs and marketing materials.
  • Introduction to presentation design principles and best practices.
  • Assisting senior designers in creating presentation decks.

Week 9:

  • Designing presentation decks for internal and external use.
  • Exploration of user interface (UI) design principles for web and mobile platforms.
  • Collaborating with the marketing team to design web graphics or landing pages.

Week 10:

  • Feedback and review of presentation decks and UI designs created in the previous week.
  • Working on a collaborative design project with the marketing team.
  • Introduction to portfolio development and organizing past works.

Week 11:

  • Compiling a portfolio showcasing the intern’s best works from the internship.
  • Working independently on a final design project, applying all learned skills.
  • Receiving guidance and feedback from the design team on the final project.

Week 12:

  • Finalizing the portfolio and preparing for the internship presentation.
  • Presenting the final design project to the design team and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Wrap-up and evaluation of the internship experience.

Throughout the 12 weeks, the intern will be assessed based on their progress, engagement, and the quality of the design projects they create. Feedback from the design team, clients, and mentors will be instrumental in shaping the intern’s growth and development as a Canva Graphics Designer.