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The Valucop Dev Africa is a program designed to help aspiring developers from Africa learn about and start building in Web3. The program is free to participate in and includes a variety of resources, such as online courses, workshops, mentorship, and hackathons.

The program is divided into two major sections. The first phase is the online learning phase, where participants will learn about the basics of Web3, such as blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized applications.

In the second phase, participants will work on real-world Web3 projects with the guidance of mentors. The program will culminate in sharing hackathon opportunities, where participants will have the opportunity to compete for prizes and showcase their skills to potential employers.

6 reasons why we started the Valucop Dev Africa community at this time:

  1. The Web3 space is growing rapidly. Web3 is a new and emerging field, but it is growing at an exponential rate. The demand for Web3 developers is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. By starting the Valucop Dev Africa community now, we can help to prepare Africans for the opportunities that lie ahead.
  2. Africa has a young and tech-savvy population. Africa has one of the youngest and increasingly tech-savvy populations in the world. This makes Africa an ideal market for Web3 education and development.
  3. The demand for Web3 developers is growing rapidly. By providing Africans with the skills and knowledge they need to become Web3 developers, we can help to create new job opportunities and boost the African economy.
  4. There is a growing interest in Web3 in Africa. This is evident in the increasing number of Web3 startups and communities that are emerging across the continent. By starting a Web3 community, you can help accelerate the adoption of Web3 in Africa and create new opportunities for Africans.
  5. Web3 has the potential to solve many of Africa’s challenges. Web3 technologies have the potential to address many of the challenges facing Africa today, such as financial inclusion, supply chain management, and land ownership. By starting this community, we can help to ensure that Africans have the skills and knowledge they need to build a better future for themselves and their communities.
  6. We are passionate about Web3 education and want to make a difference. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn about Web3 and participate in the growing Web3 economy. By starting this community, we are making a significant contribution to the Web3 ecosystem and to the future of Africa.

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