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How to Make Money Daily in Nigeria

How to make money daily in Nigeria is the number question in every young person’s mind in Nigeria. In the quest to earn money online, it’s essential to discover reliable platforms that can help you reach your financial goals. As a Nigerian, several websites offer opportunities to earn money, but it’s crucial to approach them with caution to avoid scams. This is why I am presenting you with seven websites that provide opportunities to earn up to 10,000 Naira daily.

make money in Nigeria Websites

7 Websites to Make Money in Nigeria

  1. Sidegig (
    Sidegig is a freelance platform that connects skilled individuals with businesses and clients who need their services. It offers a wide range of job categories such as writing, graphic design, digital marketing, and more. Users can create a profile, showcase their skills, and bid on available projects. Successful completion of projects can earn you daily income, potentially reaching 10,000 Naira or more.
  2. Nairaworkers (
    Nairaworkers is a platform that allows Nigerians to earn money by completing micro-tasks. These tasks can include online surveys, app testing, social media engagement, and other simple activities. Users register on the platform, perform various tasks assigned to them, and earn money for their efforts.
  3. Payroute (
    Payroute is an online marketplace where users can buy or sell various digital products and services. It provides an opportunity for individuals to earn money by offering their skills, such as web design, writing, programming, or marketing, as services on the platform. Users establish their profiles, showcase their expertise, and engage with potential clients.
  4. Freebyz (
    Freebyz is a website that claims to offer various ways to make money online, including paid surveys, watching videos, and participating in referral programs. Users can sign up for free, complete tasks or surveys, and earn money or redeem rewards.
  5. Studypool (
    Studypool is a platform that connects students with tutors who can help them with their academic assignments. To be successful on this platform, it is essential to possess strong academic skills, excellent communication abilities, and a dedication to delivering high-quality work. Potential earnings might vary greatly depending on factors such as your expertise, availability, and client demand.
  6. Rent a Cyber Friend (
    Rent a Cyber Friend is a platform that allows individuals to earn money by providing companionship and support to others through online interactions. Users can register on the website, create a profile, and offer various services such as virtual chat, advice, or even companionship in online games. While it is possible to generate income through this platform, the earnings may vary depending on individual demand and the services provided.
  7. VTUway (
    VTUway is a platform that claims to offer individuals an opportunity to earn money by selling airtime, data bundles, and other virtual top-up services. Users can become agents and sell these services to other people, earning a commission on each sale. While it could be a source of income, reaching the daily target of 10,000 Naira will require consistent effort and building a customer base.

In other words

While these websites offer opportunities to earn money online in Nigeria, it’s important to approach them with realistic expectations. It is very likely to consistently earn 10,000 Naira daily on these platforms, as it depends on several factors such as available opportunities, individual effort, and demand for services.
I have shown you where more fish are in the river and how to fish them, now, I am telling you to be careful while fishing. So do your due diligence, exercise caution and research thoroughly before investing time or money into any online earning platform.

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