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DAY 32 and 34

Conversation starters that will help you when applying this hack:

  1. LinkedIn:
  • “Hi [Prospect’s Name], I noticed we share a keen interest in the blockchain industry. I’m always excited to connect with professionals like yourself who are making an impact in this space. How did you get started in the blockchain field?”
  1. Twitter:
  • “Hey [Prospect’s Handle], I’ve been following your insightful tweets about blockchain technology and its potential. It’s inspiring to see your expertise in this area. Mind if we connect and exchange ideas?”
  1. LinkedIn:
  • “Hello [Prospect’s Name], I came across your profile and saw your experience in the blockchain sector. Your journey seems fascinating, and I’d love to learn more about the projects you’ve been involved in. Mind connecting?”
  1. Twitter:
  • “Hi [Prospect’s Handle], I’m a fellow blockchain enthusiast exploring the industry’s innovations and trends. Your expertise caught my eye, and I’d love to have a casual chat about the latest advancements. Shall we connect?”
  1. LinkedIn:
  • “Hello [Prospect’s Name], I’m always eager to expand my network with professionals in the blockchain field. Your impressive background stands out, and I believe our shared passion for blockchain could lead to some interesting conversations. Would you be open to connecting?”
  1. Twitter:
  • “Hey [Prospect’s Handle], your insights on blockchain adoption are spot on! I’m enthusiastic about the technology’s potential too. Let’s connect and discuss how blockchain can disrupt various industries in exciting ways.”
  1. LinkedIn:
  • “Hi [Prospect’s Name], I saw your recent article on blockchain’s impact on supply chains. Your expertise aligns perfectly with my interest in the industry’s real-world applications. Mind if I send you a connection request to stay updated on your insights?”
  1. Twitter:
  • “Hello [Prospect’s Handle], your tweets about blockchain’s potential for social impact got me thinking. I’d love to connect and explore ideas on how we can leverage this tech for positive change. What do you think?”
  1. LinkedIn:
  • “Hey [Prospect’s Name], I’m passionate about the blockchain space and recently attended an exciting conference where the topic of decentralized finance came up. Would you be interested in connecting to discuss the future of DeFi and its potential?”
  1. Twitter:
    • “Hi [Prospect’s Handle], I noticed you’re actively engaging in conversations about blockchain interoperability. It’s a crucial topic that could shape the industry’s future. Care to connect and share your thoughts on the subject?”


  1. “Hello [Prospect’s Name], I noticed your involvement in various blockchain meetups and events. I admire your dedication to staying connected with the community. Let’s connect and discuss our mutual passion for blockchain tech!”
  2. “Hi [Prospect’s Name], I’m fascinated by the potential of blockchain in transforming industries. Your experience and insights in this area seem impressive. Mind if we connect and share our thoughts on the latest advancements?”
  3. “Hey [Prospect’s Name], I saw you contributed to an open-source blockchain project. Collaborative efforts like yours drive the industry forward. Let’s connect and explore opportunities for knowledge exchange!”
  4. “Hello [Prospect’s Name], I’m exploring the intersection of blockchain and sustainability. Your expertise in this field could offer valuable insights. Would you be open to connecting and discussing this intriguing topic?”
  5. “Hi [Prospect’s Name], your recent blockchain-related podcast caught my attention. I’d love to connect and hear more about your journey and experiences in the industry. Mind if I send you a connection request?”


  1. “Hey [Prospect’s Handle], your blog posts on blockchain security are enlightening. I believe raising awareness about security challenges is vital for industry growth. Let’s connect and chat about ways to promote a safer blockchain ecosystem.”
  2. “Hello [Prospect’s Handle], your involvement in the decentralized governance space is commendable. I’d love to connect and discuss how blockchain’s decentralized nature can empower communities. What do you think?”
  3. “Hi [Prospect’s Handle], I’m a blockchain enthusiast exploring the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the art world. Your expertise could provide valuable insights. Care to connect and exchange thoughts on this exciting trend?”
  4. “Hey [Prospect’s Handle], I recently came across your research paper on blockchain scalability solutions. Impressive work! Let’s connect and discuss how we can tackle scalability challenges in the industry.”
  5. “Hello [Prospect’s Handle], your project on using blockchain for social impact is inspiring. I’d love to connect and learn more about your experiences in this area. Maybe we can explore opportunities for collaboration!”

Remember, when reaching out, focus on building a genuine connection with the prospect based on mutual interests and passions related to the blockchain industry.

Keep the conversation friendly, professional, and enthusiastic about learning from each other’s experiences.

Remember, the key is to come across as genuinely interested in the blockchain industry and building a meaningful connection, rather than appearing desperate for a job referral.

Approach the conversation with curiosity and a desire to learn and exchange ideas. Personalize your message to make it more effective and increase the chances of a positive response. Good luck!

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