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Innovate, Compete and Win: The Valucop Builders’ Idea Contest


Valucop Dev Africa is the tech arm of Valucop Global – a platform that supercharges enthusiasts to get crypto jobs with their skills. You can agree that every product or item used now came from one great idea or multiple ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the Valucop Builders’ Idea Contest!!. 

This challenge aims to discover the game-changing ideas developers, designers and writers can birth, to solve any existing challenge in Africa using the Solana blockchain. 

Powered by Valucop Dev Africa and Proudly sponsored by Superteam Nigeria; the contestants will compete and win from a prize pool of over $400.


The Valucop Builder’s Idea Contest serves as an entry point for Web 2 creatives to smoothly transition into the Web 3 ecosystem.

It also gives room to dive into the creative minds of web3 geniuses and leverage the robust network of Solana to bring up cross-cutting innovations worth celebrating. 

Ideas can span from solutions in governance eg voting failures to healthcare systems, real estate, education, or even productivity tools. Anyone that sparks; bring it on; your idea could lead the way!

Why Solana

A  truckload of current solutions exist on Solana, the likes of Crypto convo, Nexus, Madlads NFT and so much more.

Solana has an in-built cross-chain interoperability function and which offers a secure and scalable platform to launch ideas. You can peruse this link for more information>> Why Solana

About Superteam Nigeria

Superteam is the Web 3 version of Fiverr and Upwork dedicated to talents & upcoming creatives looking to build a career in Web 3; to learn and earn in crypto while providing fantastic solutions on the Solana blockchain. Read about them here>>

Categories for Contestants

  • Web 2 developers,
  • Web2 Writers and
  • Web2 designers

What are Web2 and Web3?

Web2 refers to the current iteration of the internet, characterized by user-generated content, interactivity, and social features. It’s the web you’re probably familiar with – think social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube channels, online shopping sites, and even Wikipedia.

Web3 is a proposed new phase of the internet that revolves around decentralization. This means that data and control would be spread out across a network of computers instead of being held by a small number of big companies like Google or Facebook. Example of Web3: Web3 browsers, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Metaverse, Real World Assets Tokenization, Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network etc.

Participation Guidelines

  • Make sure to dive deeply into understanding the Solana blockchain and solutions that can be built around it. Check here.
  • Your Idea has to be authentic to  solve an obvious problem in Africa.
  • Use the resources provided on the Solana site and social handles for the following:
    • For the developers, provide a solution that one can build on Solana, you don’t have to write codes. Just ideas presented practically.
    • For designers, give a pictorial representation of your idea/solution/product while paying attention to user experience and interface to favour an average user. Where does Solana come in?
    • For writers, do a deep-dive into a potential solution to an obvious problem in Africa, using either existing Solana tools/dapps or potential Solana tool/dapp idea as the way forward.
  • Follow us on X. Here
  •  Keep an eye on Superteam’s X and Discord channel >>
  • Click to join us on Telegram here>>
  • Ask questions in our Telegram group for clarity, and check resources part of the community for links, docs, and videos.
  • Write a Tweet on X/Twitter talking about how you are participating in the contest, tag one friend to join you, and tag us so we can keep track and tag @superteamng too.

Submission Requirements

  • Writers should submit as Google Docs.
  • Designers can showcase their work using Figma or Behance
  • Developers will have to create a captivating video or slide presentation with an attached document for a detailed explanation
  • Submit using this link on or before June 12th at 11:59pm WAT

Writing Style:

  • Is your writing simple and fun to read?
  • Are your concepts easily understood by newbies and experts in the crypto space?
  • Words should not be less than 1500.

For Designers & Devs

You have the freedom to freestyle, we want to see a blend of style, wit and technology

You don’t have to code, leverage the tools mentioned to showcase your work.

Reward Pool 

For developers:  For writers: For designers: 
1st place- $70 (100,000 NGN)1st place- $55 (80,000 NGN
1st place- $55 (80,000 NGN)
2nd place- $50 (75,000 NGN)2nd place – $35 (50,000 NGN)2nd place – $35 (50,000 NGN)
3rd place – $35 (50,000 NGN)3rd place – $20 (30,000 NGN)3rd place – $20 (30,000 NGN)
$15 (20,000 NGN) and $10 (14,000 NGN) cash prizes for special mentions in any category above.

The contest begins on 27th May and ends on June 12th.


The Valucop Builders’ Idea Contest is more than just a blockchain challenge; It’s an opportunity to celebrate creativity, new ideas, and togetherness. As we look forward to onboarding amazing talents into Web3; we invite every developer, graphic/product design expert and writing whiz from Web2 to help shape the future of blockchain technology. 

So get on it; it’s time to code, craft and create!


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