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Valucop Global Monthly Report – March 2024

March was a productive month for us at ValucopOfficial and Valuverse.

It was a month of testing, implementing, learning & earning.

Hence, here is a break down of all our activities:

On our technical arm;

  • We continued our bootcamp sessions at valucop Dev Africa, where the students are currently learning how to build on the robust Blockchain- Solana.

We had 5 interesting bootcamp sessions on topics spanning from:

1.Project & Portfolio management for Devs

2. Understanding the fundamentals and syntax of solidity/ Rust programming language by Dev Chimekwa Nwakanma

3. Solana smart contract development with rust

4. dApps on Solana.

All these were possible, courtesy of the developers at  @SuperteamNG with the likes of @dev_tochukwu, @Alexspoof, @Charles_lukes, and others we cold messaged like  @midesofek & @chimekwas.

To make everything even more seamless, @SuperteamNG supported us with a grant to push this and we are grateful for it.

If you are reading this, and you feel left out; please don’t be, you can freely access our community here>>>

Of course, our non-tech community was not left out of tasting the goodness of Web 3.

We begun the first cohort of Web 3 Career Advancement Program (WCAP) which is a paid job readiness program designed to prepare young people from Web2 to start building careers in Web3.

 Big thanks to our facilitators @jennifernnamdi_ & Deborah Chidiebere; who set the pace teaching Content writing & successful community management.

Back in our telegram community, we had interesting community sessions like Web 3 diaries; every tuesday with the aim of nurturing the young minds by teaching them about web 3 in simple terms!

And of course, we wrap up our week with fun at games night!

Oh incase, you’re not there; join our community here>>>

Lastly, thanks to @huddle01com, a Web3 alternative to Zoom, which gave us access to stream and record our live sessions free of charge. 

We have a lot more in store this April and beyond because we simply want to help Africans build capacity that will help them earn income in Web3.

Don’t miss it!

Kindly follow us here >>>  on Valucop Dev Africa and Valucop Global

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