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May 2024 Roundup For Valucop Global Community

May, the month of Puns had 31 interesting days and we’re grateful for them. Here’s a detailed read on everything that happened at Valucop in May. Sit tight, read and enjoy!!


Like the BEST BOOK says: “Iron sharpeneth iron”. We partnered with Starknet Africa  to promote their event; The Starknet Lagos Conference, the first of its kind in Africa held on May, 11th 2024 at The Zone, Lagos.

It was an epic event that united communities and alphas in different blockchain niches and was one of many events that served to onboard newbies into the Web 3 space.


Back here at Valucop Global, we intensified our community activities; the likes of Web 3 diaries held every Tuesday and Games night every Friday. The aim is to unite members of the community with everything going on in the world of Web 3. It has been interesting so far.

To spice it up, we celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22nd; where we engaged our community on trivia questions revolving around the event. The winners were credited with pizza money!


With the rain of airdrops flooding the ecosystem; our community has not been left out! The airdrop channel in the telegram community is a goldmine for every airdrop hunter and community member to benefit from trending airdrops. Do you want to have access to this? Then join us here  >>>


One of our interns; Sophie Amaka was amongst the esteemed graduands who convocated from the Prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a Bsc Degree conferred on her in Parasitology and Entomology on May 30th, 2024. Congratulations Sophie!!


In our tech arm; Valucop Dev Africa, we began accepting entries for The Valucop Builders’ Idea contest!

This contest is meant to onboard Web 2 writers, graphic & product designers and developers into the web3 space.

 All they have to do is come up with ideas that serve as a solution to a challenging problem in Africa and present it in the most appealing way using their skills. 

The best ideas across the skill tracks will win from a prize pool of over 300,000 Naira. 

Proudly sponsored by Superteam Nigeria @  the deadline for this contest has been pushed to 15th June so you can be a part of it!!

Details of this contest are available here >>>

In light of this, we partnered with Buildhubb – an existing community of Web 2 developers to foster participation. We are excited to see the groundbreaking ideas these talents have!

So guys; that’s a wrap for May. We hope you had an interesting read!!

Here’s a link to our communities and social media handles>>> (the developers’ community)

Do well to keep an eye on them because, at Valucop, It’s all about Value first and money next!!


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