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Technical Writing in Web3 by Valucop Dev Africa

During the last few months, Valucop Global came up with a plan and an idea to help those interested in tech, especially aspiring developers in Africa.

Valucop Dev Africa was successfully launched on the first of October 2023 with the first learning session on Technical writing in Web3.

Our first facilitator is the founder of Blockchain Alpha, a technical writer and a Web3 developer, by the name John Fawole. He shared great insight on the aspect of technical writing in Web3.


It was a thrilling moment that kept the listeners anticipating more and waiting to hear the whole of it but of course, tech is a broad thing that can not be covered in just a day.

It was a treasure trove of knowledge and insights that helped shape the minds of the listeners who wanted to be the future technical writers of the Web3 space.


  1. PASSION: The speaker emphasized to the listeners that it is imperative to have passion if they really want to be technical writers.
  1. GRAMMAR SKILLS: He also advised that it is very important that technical writers know their grammar enough to be very good at it. He also recommended some books such as Elements of Styles and so on. Join our community to access all the resources for free.
  1. CODING KNOWLEDGE: He stated that if one wants to be a technical writer, he or she must know coding to be in a better position to access jobs.


  1. PROBLEM-SOLVING CAPABILITIES: This goes on to say that a technical writer must pursue money and find solutions to people’s problems. Value first, money next.
  1. DOCUMENTATIONS: This is a very indispensable part of technical writing that involves a technical writer giving instruction manuals for a machine or software or scientific stuff that is a bit complicated.
  1. COMMUNICATION: Use the right words to explain to regular people who want to know about your machine or your software and how it works.


  Valucop Dev Africa is willing to help out those who have so much interest in Tech and are willing to learn. This class is free, which is a great opportunity for students and non-students alike. More is coming, and I bet you that you are going to enjoy the knowledge that will flow from the experts.

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