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June Wins: What Happened in Valucop Global

Hey Champ!! Take a pause and celebrate yourself for how far you’ve come!!

It’s been a snap of 30 days and we know you stopped one day to ask yourself; “where is this month running to?”

Well, here we are in July and at Valucop, June was an interesting month for us.

Here is a roundup for June:1

  1. We began the month accepting entries for the Valucop Builders’ Idea Contest

We had 11 entries in total and the results were published on June 28th on our X handle and Website. Here’s an article for your perusal>>> Click here

2. Moreover, the Middle of June had us Celebrating with one of our partners – Caspade who held his maiden blockchain event in the city of Enugu, Nigeria. With the Slogan: “Web3 Connect”; the event featured every element of sophistication and speakers well-versed in various blockchain fields. Of course, our Founder at Valucop, Mrs Victoria Okoroji was one of the Alphas!

You can as well follow them on X.

Web3 connect with Caspade

3. Back home, we continued sessions in the Web 3 career advancement Program- an exclusive session for people to learn high-paying web3 skills from Maestros in different fields.

In light of this; we featured Netrovert; a multiple bounty winner on Superteam Nigeria and a fire-brand content marketer.

He came on board to teach them the basic concepts of content marketing. This was a Rhema for the participants as the terms “content marketing, copywriting and content writing have been misconstrued.

Content Marketing with Netrovert

4. Still, at WCAP; we invited Victor Fawole who has landed several high-paying gigs in marketing; to teach the students Critical elements of web3 marketing

Web3 marketing with Victor Fawole

5. Lastly, we ended the month with Web3 diaries as the Lead designer at Viraaly Web3 honoured our invitation to teach the members of our community: “Understanding Visual Design in Web3”

That niche- VIsual Design seems like a silent gold mine in web3 and we’re glad many people got interested in the session.

Visual design with Viraly Web3

Indeed, June was a month of learning and we are glad we could give value to our community members, team-mates, partners, family and friends alike.

Life has been beautiful in the last 6 months as we have taken new turns and we are optimistic about the next 6 months!!

Welcome to Q2, 2nd half of the bull run and a new month!!

We wish you all the best guys!! And like we say in Web3; GIGA GM!!

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