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The Contest That Got Them Fired Up – Winners Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, about a month ago; we opened the floor for creatives to bring up innovative ideas that can solve a peculiar challenge in Africa!!

Valucop idea contest

The sole aim was to onboard web2 creatives into web3  and test their problem-solving, critical thinking and presentation skills. 

The contest had categories for Developers, Designers, and writers. Their task involved presenting the solutions as a creative writeup (for the writers) or a visual presentation for the developers and designers.

Introducing the winners

For the writers’ category, we had:

  1.  Abel Bitrus Duba    -1st place with an award of $55
  2. Edet Gospel Uboho – 2nd place  with an award of $35
  3. Chidiebere Jeffrey Somtochukwu with an award of $20

For the Developers’ category, we had:

  1. Musa Habeeblai Ajani (HabeebliaM) $70
  2. Ugo Chinemerem Faith -1st place with an award of $50
  3. Abubakar Muhammad Ambursa – 2nd place with an award of $35.

Congratulations guys and the Valucop team officially welcomes you to the web3 space!

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